Board of Directors

The Association Board of Directors is the policy-making body of the University of Wisconsin (UW) Navy Reserve Officer Training Corps (NROTC) Alumni Association and is responsible for the presentation and adoption of the annual budget, managing legal activities, maintaining accurate records of its proceedings, and ensuring compliance with state statues.

The BOD shall consist of at least eight (8) voting members but no more than 15,  the Commanding Officer and Executive Officer of the UW NROTC Unit who are both non-voting members and an optional non-voting guest member. The guest member, a Midshipman from the UW NROTC Badger Battalion may participate at the discretion of the Commanding Officer/Professor of Naval Science.

Current members of the board of directors are:

Jim Sumner III, President, Class of 1978

Kathy (Johnson) DiMaggio, Vice President, Class of 1978

John Valley, Secretary, Class of 1988

George Ketterer, Treasurer, Class of 1966

Joe Abel, Director, Class of 1964

Kris Ackerbauer, Director, Former CO

Commander Matthew Choquette USN, XO UW NROTC, Ex Officio Director

Dean Hekel, Director, Class of 1960 and Former Faculty Member

Kathy (Krohn) Mayer, Director, Class of 1987

David Pernai, Director, Class of 1978

Scott A. Robinson, Director, Class of 1982

John Washbush, Director, Class of 1964 and Former Faculty Member

Midshipman 1/C Calvin Posche, Class of 2022, Battalion Representative