Wall of Honor

The Association recognizes those who have given the ultimate sacrifice in service of their country. An alumnus who has died while serving the Unites States of America while in performance of official duties in either a military or civilian capacity, was held captive as a Prisoner of War, was awarded  the Congressional Medal of Honor or Navy or Marine Corp Cross for Valor, or has been recognized by unanimous consent of the UW NROTC Alumni Association Board of Directors for exceptional acts of heroism, valor, and/or distinguished service to the United States of America are recognized on the Wall of Honor found at the UWNROTC Unit. The following Alumni are recognized on the Wall of Honor:

CDR William T. Arnold, USN ’63
LCDR John S. Lyman, USN ’53
MAJ  Norman K. Billipp, USMC ’66
MAJ Dennis A. Dogs, USMC ‘85
LT Walter G. Updike, USN ’55
LT Steven Plotz, USN ’62
LT Lawrence P. Beam, USN ’63
Capt John T. Chapman,  USMC ’65
Capt John M. Pagel, USMC ’72
Capt David J. Lueder,  USMC ’79
LTJG Michael A. Fox, USN ’58
LTJG D. N. “Nick” Norris,  USN ’61
LTJG Charles D. Collins Jr, USN ’62
ENS Michael Strole, USN ’74
ENS Duane J. Hofhine II,  USN ’87